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  Our driving school is a member of the independent Instructors Association and abides by its terms of Business .  


About Us
Terms & Conditions


The school is a member of the independent Instructors Association and abides by its terms of business and the school is not responsible for any misunderstanding arising from a pupil’s neglect to read our printed conditions.

Appointment Card

The appointment card will be issued either before, or at the first lesson. The appointment card remains the property of the driving school, and must be returned if requested. Pupils are advised to carry the card so at the end of a lesson the next appointment(s) can be entered, ensuring both parties are clear what the next lesson date and time will be.

Driving Licence

Pupils must personally ensure they are the holders of a valid, signed, current driving licence, which must be produced at the first lesson

Tuition fees

The tuition fees on block bookings must be paid for in full on the first lesson. Single lessons must be paid for one lesson in advance; payment for two lessons at the first lesson will enable a pupil to comply with this condition. The pupil will then at all times be one lesson in credit. We regret there are no credit terms save by prearranged special arrangements. All accounts must be cleared before proceeding on the official driving test.

Postponement of Driving lesson by the Driving School

If by any reason of a vehicle failure or other emergency, a lesson has been postponed at short notice then an alternative appointment shall be made with mutual consent. Should such a postponement be a driving test, then Towards A Pass shall be responsible to the pupil for the fee of the next test if it cannot be cancelled within the required time, regardless of the pupils continuation of lessons with the school. Pupils will appreciate that it may not always be possible to notify cancellation if a breakdown occurs on the way to the lesson.

Pupils will appreciate that a driving test must take priority over ordinary lessons, and therefore a lesson already booked may sometimes have to be rearranged if the school receives short notice of a driving test.

Except as provided in the above, the school will be bound to give notice of rearrangemts or postponements of a lesson within the same time limit as the school imposes upon a pupil postponing or cancelling a lesson.

If circumstances arise that a change of an instructor becomes necessary, the pupil shall have the right to decline and also the right to discontinue lessons with the School. Money’s paid in advance shall be returned within the conditions concerning cancellation in our Terms of Business

Postponement or Cancellation of Lesson by Pupils

At least two clear working days notice of postponement or cancellation of a driving lesson is required. Please note that Sundays and public holidays are not working days. Late cancellations will not be refundable.

Such notice to the school (in writing or by telephone) shall be deemed to have served on the day that the communication is received at the schools premises, where it will be recorded.

Where by reason of late cancellation a pupil’s fee is not refundable, an allowance will be made for such savings as the school enjoyed as a result of the car not having been in operation.

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