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  All the information you will ever need about our driving school and products.  

Locations We Cover
  We cover locations around the north east. Click the read more button for information and a full area map.  

Vehicles & Instructors
  Our well maintained vehicles & fully qualified instructors will get your through your test & keep you up to date every step of the way.  

How To Get Started
  Information about how to get started. What you need and what to look for in an instructor and driving school  

Code Of Conduct
  Information about the DSA's code of conduct so if you ever feel that a driving instructor is not conducting themselves correctly then click the read more button below.  

Terms & Conditions
  Our driving school is a member of the independent Instructors Association and abides by its terms of Business .  


About Us
Our Driving School

PassPlus Car Insurance

Welcome to your first step to becoming a successful driver, towards a pass is a new concept in driving tuition. We are an established driving school operating in the North East of England.

Phone : 07910 083 775

Driving Instructors Responsibilities

  • Our instructors will always keep their cars immaculately clean and tidy inside and out.

  • Our instructors will ensure that the basic maintenance and fluid levels are checked and carried out on a daily basis (preferably), or weekly basis at the very least.

  • When the car is going to be used for an L-test, our instructors will ensure that all of the cars fluids and oils, lights and tyres are checked and are satisfactory, before the test commences. They will also try to go into the L-test with a full tank of petrol as good practise.

  • If the customers L-test is failed because of the cars poor condition or poor maintenance, then our instructors will be liable for the customers re-test fee.

  • Our instructors will always keep their vehicles in top condition at all times when they are being used for tuition purposes.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the car at any time by anyone, this is now law. A no smoking sticker must be displayed in the vehicle in a prominent place.

  • Our instructors will ensure that all school fees are paid into the office on a weekly basis. An invoice or receipt will be issued for all payments received through the office and records kept of all payments made.

  • Our instructors will give respect to the customers, be friendly but slightly formal.

  • Our instructors will properly instruct the customers to the best of their ability.

  • Our instructors will produce, maintain and update customers progress sheets, known as a Drivers Record on a daily basis.

  • Our instructors will collect and record all fees made by customers on the daily paying in sheets.

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